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Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hoping you all had as good a Christmas as we have had.

5 months ago we never thought that we would be able to have such an enjoyable one but as you can see times have changed.

John had his last Chemo for the timebeing on 7 December and finished all tablets on December 21st, he goes back for a check up on January the 8th and hopefully everything will still be OK.

We are under no illusions that circumstances can change quickly but we are living in hope that he has many months ahead before anything like that occurs.

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

from Hazel and John

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From Hazel and John

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pre Christmas Sale

Starting Monday afternoon of 26 November 2012 our Pre-Christmas Sale at the Cranswick Garden Centre

Ex Show Stock ~ Many Items less than half price

Come early to avoid missing out on the bargains.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Our Fantastic News


Wow!!! we have had some of the most fantastic news today - John went for his Oncology appointment with his Consultant Dr Roy.

Dr Roy's first words were - I understand that you have been our guest at our establishment over the weekend - then went on and asked John how he was feeling, if he had experienced any really bad problems - John said in comparison to what he was like 14 weeks ago he had no complaints only praise.  He said he experienced the tingling and pins and needles in his hands, feet and mouth but as he always kept forgetting to wear gloves or a scarf - it was more self inflicted.  Dr Roy said now that's a typical Yorkshire man's response and laughed.

He also said to us that John had had a CT scan recently and John said Yes a week ago - Well he said - I have some excellent news for you.

The Tumours have shrunk by over 50%, the lymph nodes by more and the Liver by more than 50% and is functioning again.  We could not believe what he was saying as it almost seemed impossible after how bad John was in the beginning.

Dr Roy said that he was so pleased with John's progress that he was cutting his Chemo down by 2 cycles to 6 instead of 8 - this would also save him being affected by the really cold weather, but he will be monitored carefully.

John asked about his Chemo scheduled for Friday and Dr Roy said that as the Chest infection had not upset his Blood results he could still go on Friday for it as planned.

We are back to see the Consultant in 3 weeks time so hopefully there will not have been any adverse reaction after all the antibiotics.

Hugs Hazel

Monday, 5 November 2012

John's Set back

Hi All

Well what a weekend, I was away on Friday night Baby sitting Laura our little grand daughter and stayed overnight and then went straight to craft group on Saturday morning.

John was fine when I left on Friday teatime (he had had sniffles and a bit of a cough for a couple of days but nothing to speak of).  I phoned him at 9am on Saturday morning to find out that he had been up most of the night (since 2am) with bad stomach pains (he thought it was maybe the fish and chips we had had for lunch that had upset him) but was having his breakfast - he said he was Ok and I was still to go to craft group.  I said I would phone again at lunchtime.

When I did he told me he had been sick twice and still had the pain in his stomach.  I told him to take 2 of his sickness pills that the hospital had given him.

When I got back at around 4pm he said he still felt sick and still had the pain, he looked flushed although he said he didn't feel as if he had a temperature.  But I took his temp. just in case and it was 37.1 not high but his normal temp is 36.8. He said he felt as if he was going down with the flu and as he had had his flu vacine 2 weeks before thought he may have been having a slight reaction to it. So monitored it again at 6pm and it was 37.2 so phone the out of hours service at Castle Hill for advice, they said keep on with the sickness pills and to give him paracetamol and to check his temp again at bedtime, if it was 37.5 or above I had to ring them straight away.  I checked it at 10pm and it was 37.4 so we decided to wait until morning and check it again.  He had 2 more sickness pills and 2 more paracetamol.  He slept right through the night and at 7.15am he said he felt fine, the sickness had gone as had the pain and his temp was down to 37.

I decided to keep checking it  every 4 hours to be on the safe side, at 11.30am it was back down to his normal 36.8 but by 3pm it was 38.1, waited half an hour and checked it again and it had risen to 38.4 so phoned the out of hours service again and they said check it again whilst we are on the phone, this time it was 38.7 so they said bring straight into Castle Hill ward 31.

They took numerous blood tests, xray the lot and gave him a huge syringe of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Got him home again this teatime (Monday) after being told that we caught him just in time starting with a chest infection so he is on 2 strong antibiotics plus his chemo drugs and we have to go back tomorrow to see the consultant Oncologist, they have said they may put this weeks chemo back a week to allow him to recover from this. 

Even though he has this infection he says he does  not feel ill not like he did when we had to rush him to Hull Royal 3 months ago.

Well we only hope the pills work quickly and it doesn't hold up the Chemo for too long.  He should get the results of the CT scan tomorrow and so we should get to know how much good these 4 cycles have done so far.

Cheers for now  Hazel

Sunday, 28 October 2012

4 Day Deal Launch - Brush Strokes in the Wild

Hi Everyone

Well I am getting ready to go down to Peterborough for our 4 Day Deal Launch at 8am tomorrow morning.

Our Scheduled Times are:-

Monday       -     8am - 1pm - 7pm
Tuesday       -    9am - 4pm
Wednesday  -    8am - 2pm
Thursday      -    12noon and 5pm

But as you may already ready know Create and Craft are a law unto themselves and we can have extra shows dropped in, times changed and even cancelled shows, we never know until the day.

Well! you ask what is the CD this time, it is Brush Stokes in the Wild and these are all fabulous Wild Life paintings by a british artist - Stan Kaminski.

I have added one or two or maybe more card samples to tempt you to watch the shows and hopefully buy.

Leopard on the Rocks
Jungle Gentleman

Cat Nap


Tiger Trio

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Monica Gale - Our Special Workshop

Wow!!! what a wonderful day we all had last Saturday.

Monica Gale from 'Stampin Up' came and presented a special workshop, we made 2 cards in the morning and a beautiful Christmas Decoration in the afternoon.

I had seen Monica's work at the recent Harrogate show as our stand was right next to hers and I was so impressed with all the samples that I asked her if she could come along to our group and present a workshop, which she happily did.

This was the sample of the decoration that she brought for us to copy - isn't it stunning.

I have taken photographs of everyones cards and decorations and added their names to the pictures.  These do you all great credit - WELL DONE

I hope everyone enjoyed the day.

Monica Gale will be presenting another workshop to our group the first Saturday on March 2013 - the 2nd

We will be limited to 18 for comfort so if you would like to join us please contact me to add you name to the list.

Anyone wanting to visit Monica's site or her Blog here are the links.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

John's Oncology Results

Wow! what good news today at John's Oncology appointment.  All his blood results are looking really good.  His Bilirubin level is now down to 18 which is now normal.  In fact 2/3rds of his blood results are now within normal limits and the 1/3 that is still above the doctor says they are not concerned about.

Even his Liver function test is now looking really good, which to say that it had almost stopped functioning 12 weeks ago is nothing short of a miracle.

I asked the doctor if they would be starting the 3rd Drug after his scan next week and she told us that as the existing cocktail is working so well they would not envisage altering that.  In other words 'If it ain't broken don't try to fix it'.

However, having said all that, we are not getting carried away as we know how quickly things could change, we are just thankful that at the present time John has got back a good quality of life and is able to eat well and do most of things he enjoys doing.  We can only hope that this lasts and he is still with this time next year and the year after etc.......

Friday, 12 October 2012

Stamp Magic Show at Doncaster


We will be exhibiting at the Stamp Magic Show at the Dome Doncaster on Sunday 21st October so please call in and see us all.

For those who want tickets please click on the image below to take you to Paula's site to buy them.

Monday, 1 October 2012

John Glossop Workshop

Hi All

It is with regret that I have to notify you that the workshop planned for Saturday October 13 with John Glossop has been cancelled.

I understand from John that he has some problems at home and is unable to come over to us.

We will of course still hold a workshop that day so anyone who would like to call in please feel free to do so, you will be most welcome.

Hugs Hazel

Designs by Tabbykat Website

Hi All

Today is the day that we will be changing over our Website shop, You may find it is off line for a couple of days during this change over.

For this interruption in service I am very sorry.

We will be adding more products over the coming weeks once the change over is completed.

The web address is the same as before:-

Hugs Hazel

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Website Shop

Hi Everyone

As from 30 September our usual existing Website will close but as from 1st October we will be launching our new Webshop.This I hope will be bigger and better than before, you will find some really good bargains on it.

But......  Please bear with us as we are still adding new stock so if there is something that you are looking for but cannot see please email me on as it maybe that it has just not been loaded yet.

The web address for the Webshop will be the same as before - but you will be able to access it from any of these web addresses:

All will be directed to the main site.

Please check it out.

Hugs Hazel

Oncology appointment today

Well! it is a while since I last posted any updates on John and Mum in Law.

Firstly, Mum in Law is still in hospital so it is hospital visiting twice a day until at least the weekend, we are hoping that she will be discharged next Monday but this will all depend on the results of the CT scan on Thursday.  They have been giving her Iron tablets and I think this has encouraged her to eat better - we can only hope it lasts.  We will be taking delivery of a Hospital bed for her on Thursday so that should make like a lit easier at home.

Now to John - he is back to see the Oncologist today at 4:30 and I really think we will see some good results.  His eating is back to what it was when he was working full time, which is fantastic, he is sleeping better and has put on weight.  His colour is clearer more pink in his skin tone and less jaundiced looking.  Hopefully this will mean that his Biliruben levels have dropped further.  

We are keeping our fingers crossed that these blood tests show that he is in a position now to have the 3rd Drug added to his regime and that the 3rd cycle will go ahead on Friday as planned.

Friday, 7 September 2012

John's Second Chemo today


John has had his second Chemo today and he appears to be fine.

We got the full results of the recent blood test and we can see an improvement.

His first set on the 17 August were        todays 7 Sept are
                            Hb: -   10.9                         11.7   This is the Anemia indicator and needs to be a bit higher
                            WBC: 19.6                         11.3   Bad blood cells so we need these down more
                            Plts: -  383                           228
                            Neuts: 17.76                        10.10  again these need to come down a bit more
                            Bil:      156                             80  This is the Jaundice indicator and the lower the number the better.

Hopefully if they reduce as much after this Chemo they will be able to start his third drug next time, so we are living in hope.

Mum in Law was having 2 pints of blood today to try to restore what she lost in the fall and they are going to refer her for at least 2 weeks Respite/Rehabilitation to allow us to change her bedroom around and get a hospital bed and sensor mat.  Also to get the carpet cleaned first.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us their good wished.

Hugs Hazel

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Update on John

Hi All

John went for his first full medical after his first Chemo Cycle yesterday and it was good news, his blood results had come down slightly so it proved that the first cycle of Chemo has had an effect.  They have not come down sufficiently to start the third Chemo drug but hopefully after this second cycle on Friday they may be able to start it on the third cycle in 3 weeks time.

Had another major problem yesterday, John's mum who we live with had a bad fall during the night and 'De-gloved' her scalp very badly.  She is in hospital at the moment after having 8 stitches in a 15cm wound.  She doesn't know how she did it or at what time, I found her at 7:30am laid in a pool of blood, so spent all morning with her at Scarborough Hospital then a dash of almost 40 miles to Castle Hill for John's medical.

Will keep you all up to date.

Hugs Hazel

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Alys Inky Fingers Workshop

Hi Everyone

As things are not good at the moment at home what John's Chemo and Mum in Laws back problems I have asked Aly if we can reschedule the Workshop from 15 September to a date early in the New Year.

I don't want to let her down at the last minute or my crafters for that matter.

Anyone who has paid a deposit for the workshop this I will hold over until the new date.

Hugs Hazel

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

John has been gardening today

Hi All

John has actually been out gardening today, You need to know that John was a very fit man up until April this year, he was actually cutting down Fir trees with a big chain saw then, but as his illness progressed he has been unable to do much of anything other than sit around and this is why he has lost his muscle tone in his limbs.

Having said that today has been the first day that he has said he felt he could do things and he actually cut both our grass lawns, it took him 2 hours but he said he enjoyed it and did not feel as if he had overdone it.

He also had a better nights sleep last night and his legs are not as swollen today.

Hopefully this is the start of the improvement we are all hoping for.

Hugs Hazel

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

After effects of John's first Chemo session

Hi Everyone

Thanks to everyone who has emailed us with their good wishes it is greatly appreciated.

It is so devastating to receive this type of news, we keep wondering if we had missed any symptoms that would have made us seek help earlier but alas we don't think we did.

It is a very aggressive form that has already spread to his Liver and Lymph nodes in his neck but after his examination last week we have been assured that is it not affecting any other areas so that is a positive sign. However the Liver tumours have increased by a third since June.

He finally started his Chemo last Friday, 7 weeks after the initial diagnosis.  All sorts of things kept going wrong and delaying the start.

He has been fortunate that the Chemo drugs have not caused him any adverse side effects as yet, the only one to have done so is the Steroid Dexamethazone which he needs to take to help him eat and swallow and also as an Anti Sickness drug.  It has caused his ankles to swell terribly due to Fluid Retention and also he is not able to sleep as another side effect is Insomnia.  He did have a swollen ankle on the leg that they took the vein from for his Heart Bypass last year but it is now twice the size and his other ankle is also very swollen.

The Doctor has put him on a sleeping tablet each night and also prescribed Compression Socks for both legs.

Now! that in itself is a joke as trying to get them on over the swelling in the ankles it almost impossible but I have persevered and succeeded in a fashion, hopefully after he has had a lay down that ankle may have settled down a bit and I will be able to get the sock on a little better.

I checked up with the MacMillan nurse about how he was feeling and she confirmed that it is solely the Dexamethazone that is causing the problems and has suggested that we don't take them after 12noon each day to allow for them to work through his system before he goes to bed. He has also has some more blood tests today to check his sodium levels, if these are OK they may start him on a Diuretic to help the fluid retention problem.  He says that it is like trying to walk with Lead weights fastened to his feet.

Well that is all for now.

Hugs Hazel

Friday, 17 August 2012

First Cycle of Chemo completed

Hi All

We have just got home after John has had his first cycle of Chemotherapy.

He didn't sleep well at all last night so was very upset and stressed out earlier today, once they had him hooked up he said that the tension had left him.

He is now exhausted with not sleeping and also from the stress, he has gone to bed to lay down for a while but I have told him that if he falls asleep I will leave him, it is better he gets a few good hours sleep now rather than forcing himself to get up again and then not sleeping later on.

Will keep you all posted as to how he is feeling as time goes on.

Hugs Hazel

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

We have got a date to Start Chemotherapy

Hi All

John is to start his Chemo at 2pm on Friday but only on 2 drugs now and not 3.  The third one would damage his Liver too much so they have withdrawn that.  He is to have 2 cycles and then the Oncologist will decide whether or not he can continue.  It will all depend on how he copes with any side effects and if there is a good response.

We will live in hope that this will slow things down and allow them to keep trying to shrink the tumours.

He is very down tonight but that is understandable and it has really brought it home to us that this really is his last chance, if this does not work then it is all left for nature to take it's course.

He goes back to see the Oncologist the day before his birthday (4 September) it would be the best birthday present if he told us that he is responding well to the chemo - we can only hope.

Hugs Hazel

Friday, 10 August 2012

Got John home from Hospital

Hi All

I collected John from hospital this afternoon after his overnight stay.

He says that the Intravenous fluids have helped him feel a bit better.  He has to go back on Tuesday afternoon to see Dr Roy the Oncologist to discuss what the next move is - hopefully a date to start Chemo.

Thanks to all who have sent their good wished to us.

Hugs Hazel.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

John's Day at Castle Hill Hospital

Hi All

Well! we have spend the day at the Oncology Unit at Castle Hill, Cottingham, waiting to find out if John's Liver Duct was blocked and if they could put a Stent in, only to be told that it is not blocked and they don't know why his Liver is not draining as it should.  They are keeping John in overnight to flush his Liver through with extra fluids to see if that helps to bring down the high Bilirubin levels.  It has also delayed the start of his Chemo yet again.

We feel as if we are constantly taking one step forward and two backwards - getting nowhere fast.

He will hear tomorrow hopefully from the Oncologist what the next move will be, it maybe that they have to blast his Liver with Radiotherapy first before starting Chemo as one of the proposed Chemo drugs is processed in the Liver and as John's Bilirubin levels are so high this would make him very ill indeed. It was suggested that they may change the drug to one that is processed through his Kidneys but we don't know of that is still an option.

It is really depressing him and you never know what to say for fear of upsetting him further.

I am hoping to keep the Blog up to date so that everyone is kept informed of his progress or at the moment the lack of!.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

We have a date for the Pre-Assessment to Chemo

Hi Everyone

Firstly, thank you to all who have passed on their thoughts and good wishes for my hubby.

We now have a date for his pre-assessment and blood tests prior to the commencement of his Chemo, it is Tuesday 7 August and hopefully the Chemo should start within 48 hours.  It cannot start soon enough for us now as it seems to have taken so long to get to this stage.

To think the at the beginning of April he was cutting down 12 foot high Conifer trees at our daughters, now he cannot even lift the chain saw he used then.  This is getting him down and says he is feeling so useless.

I keep telling him - don't beat yourself up about it just accept that some days are going to be bad, but he will also have some good days.  Also if the Chemo works his quality of life should improve a great deal.

We all are living in hope that the cancer can be steered into remission for as long as possible, the Dr told us that an operation was not on the cards at the present time - does this mean that at a later date after the Chemo they maybe able to operate!! - we can hope.

Hugs to you all from Hazel

Monday, 23 July 2012

Hubby's Hospital appointment

Well, we have seen the Oncologist and what a lovely man he is.

For the first time in 3 months we have had some relatively good news.

He told us that he though hubby would respond well to Chemo and hopefully start him in the next couple of weeks.  He said that in his opinion he should have a better quality of life and his prognosis would be be increased from 3-4 months if they do nothing to 12 months plus.

He will start him on 3 sessions of 3 week duration, first day will be 4 - 5 hours on intravenus infusion plus tablets followed by the remainder of the 21 days on tablets twice daily.  It is going to be fairly radical treatment but he was pretty confident that it would shrink the tumour and give him back some better quality of life.

Of course we are in no doubt it will be rough going during the Chemo but if it works we will have him with us for a longer period.

Please keep you fingers crossed for us.

Hugs Hazel

Friday, 20 July 2012

Hubby is home again

Hi All

They sent my hubby home on Tuesday Lunchtime but is was 7:30pm before we actually arrived home.  We had to wait for his medications to be done by the pharmacy - what a farce - one poor lady had been waiting since 9:30am for hers and she was still there when we left.

The pharmacy is totally inadequate for the size of the hospital, firstly hubby was sent to another ward at 3am then again on to another ward at 3.30pm to wait for his meds - they said he would get them quicker on this other ward.  Goodness only knows what time we would have got home if he had stayed on the medical ward.

He has his appointment with the oncologist on Monday so we should have a better idea of what to expect longer term.

Thanks for your patience.

Hugs Hazel

Monday, 16 July 2012

Update on John my Hubby

Hi again

Unfortunately I arrived home yesterday evening to find that John (my hubby) was not too good, he said he had felt very tired all day.

This morning he felt a little better so thought it may have been he had done too much (he had cut our grass and it is a large area) but as the day progressed he went downhill and by 4pm he was shivery and shakey and was burning up.

I rang and spoke to the on call doctor who wanted to see him immediately, once at the surgery it emerged that his left lung was very congested and the doctor thought that he had a touch of pneumonia so packed him off to AAU (Acute Assessment Unit) at Hull Royal Infirmary.

It is now 11.40pm and I have just arrived back home after waiting nearly 4 hours to be seen by the doctor there.  They are going to put him on drugs to slow his heart rate which they say is too fast and some more stuff to help clear his lungs.  So he is in there for a couple of days at least (hopefully not too long as he hates hospitals).

I must admit though, the staff were brilliant, they brought round sandwiches and drinks for everyone, even me, and when I left they asked me to phone when I got home so that they could tell John that I was home safely and last but not least they would not let me walk to the Car Park on my own but sent a Security Guard to escort me safely to my car.  I had never heard of that before.

Hopefully my next update will be bearing better news as we now have an appointment with the oncologist for next Monday morning.

Hugs to All
from Hazel

Summer Crafting - Doncaster

Hi Everyone

Thank you to all the crafters who came to our stand (C01) at the Summer Crafting Show at the Doncaster Racecourse this past weekend.  It was lovely to catch up with you all and to those who bought from our stand, I hope you are satisfied with your goodies and enjoy playing with them.

Sadly this was the last time we will be at the Racecourse for this event due to my husband's illness, I will miss you all but wish you all Happy Crafting in the future.

Hugs Hazel

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cards from July Craft Group


I am better organised for July and would love to share the fantastic cards my ladies and Gentleman made.

The Challenge for July was a Bow Front Cameo Card, this style can be made in either landscape or portrait Cameo.

Everyone rose to the challenge admirably and created some lovely cards.

We also had an Ad hoc card making session in the afternoon using some Hunkydory designs, these can be found here.

The first cards are from the Bow Front Cameo Card challenge.

The second picture shows the cards from the afternoon using the Hunkydory  Dressing Room Luxury Card Collection.

Thank you Ladies - keep up the good work

Cards from June Craft Group

Hi All

Sorry that I am a bit late in posting these to the Blog but better late than never.

I must thank Brian for such a wonderful job he did on the the Garden Shed.

For the June Craft group I set my crafters a Garden Shed Model Challenge.  The Garden Shed was taken from The Card Hut - Garden Sheds CD Rom using artwork by Mark Bardsley.  I think you will all agree the Shed looks fantastic.

For those of you who have not seen the CD take a look at it here.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Apologies for our cancellation of shows

Hello to you all

As some of your will have seen on our website, we have had to cancel some of the Exhibition shows we were due to attend, for this we sincerely apologise.

For the past few weeks I have been having to take my husband for tests as he has been really unwell.

We found out on Tuesday 3 July that he has a tumour in his Gullet that has spread to his Liver.  He is now waiting to start treatment at the Oncology unit at Castlehill Hospital Cottingham near Hull.

We have had to cancel all shows which meant myself being away from home as I do not wish to leave him alone overnight.

I hope you can accept our apologies.

I will try to keep posting when I can.

Hugs Hazel

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Show added to our list

Hi All

As you may already know the Summer Crafting Event from 2011 which was sponsored by Ideal World/Create and Craft is now sponsored by QVC in 2012.

Well! Ideal World did not want to be left out and have gone in with Hunkydory for the 'GREAT BRITISH CRAFT FESTIVAL' to be held at Donnington Park, East Midlands on the weekend of August 18/19.

Advanced ticket prices are £5.00 plus a free £5.00 craft gift from Hunkydory and FREE parking - Yes Free parking.  It will be £7.00 on the day and no free gift but still free parking.  Can't go wrong at those prices.

We will be there along with many more of your crafting favourites.

Keep checking out our blog and website for further details as we get them


Hi Everyone

Our next show will be on the weekend on July 14 & 15th at the Racecourse Doncaster for the QVC Summer Crafting Event.

We have been told that advanced tickets sales have already exceeded 2011 levels so it looks as if it is going to be a great show.

If you haven't already got your tickets get in there quick and don't miss out.

We hope to see you there and maybe you will come and join us for a 'DABBLE WITH DOREEN' on stand C01.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Workshop for August

Hi Crafters

Just confirmed a new workshop for Saturday 18th August 2012, Aly from Aly's Inky fingers will be holding one at our Craft Group at the Cranswick Garden Centre near Driffield - 10am - 4pm

Anyone interested on coming along please contact me to book a place, the cost for the day will be £10.00

Monday, 28 May 2012

Our May Craft Club cards

I am so sorry that I am late in putting these up on the Blog, but I have just upgraded my mobile phone to one of these new fangled Android ones.

Well! they say they are easy to use but to some dimwit like me not having any instructions on how to use use it caused me no end of problems, one of which was how do I get the pictures I took at craft group onto my PC.

Easy you say - email them - no signal at home, so that was a no no. Hook up the USB link, PC don't recognise the phone.

After calling in at the shop where I got the dammed thing and getting nowhere I then tried phoning 3 network - yes it is easy - arrrrrrrrrrrrgh - all I had to do was select disc drive.  Told you I was a dimwit.

Well now I can share the lovely cards we made at the group.

Card number one is taken from a design using Micro Dots. I think this would also work well as a pricked card.  I chose a lovely peach rose decoupage topper and created a backing paper to go with it.

The first picture shows just the card, the second shows it in situ in the craft conservatory at the Cranswick Garden Centre.

Our second card is a new design that I am working on using the Easel card style.  I chose a lovely picture of a Venice scene, created a stylised topper and tag and also a backing paper. The topper is designed in three panels that can be decoupaged.

 This shows the card as it stands in the easel position.

This picture shows the card open.

There was also a separate panel with a verse on that
can be used as an insert.

I hope you like these cards.

Our next craft group is Saturday 2 June but as this is the Jubilee Weekend I am just planning a Play Day.

If anyone wants to call in and play with us please feel free to come along.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Show added to our list

Hi Everyone

Just to bring you up to date on our events for 2012.

Designs by Tabbykat has just signed up to attend The Creative Crafts Show at Manchester Central on 30th August to 1st September.  We have not done Manchester before and thought that we would take the opportunity to try it.
If you click on the image to the left it will take you to the website where more details are available.

I hope to see you there, please drop by at Stand D018 and say hello to Doreen and myself.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cranswick Craft Group - April 7th - Julia's card

Hi, just had to share this card with you all, it is made by Julia one of the ladies who comes to our monthly craft group.  Isn't it a super card - Well done Julia and thank you for sharing it with us all.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cranswick Craft Group meeting

It has been April Craft Group meeting at the Cranswick Garden Centre.

We had 9 ladies today and we have made some beautiful cards, if any of the ladies who came would like to post their cards on here please feel free to do so, the more the merrier.

The first card we made was using the new Spellbinder Easy Lace Dies and the new Double M-bossibilities folders, we also used a Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch flower. 
If any one wants the detail of how we made this card I will put together some work sheets for you to download.

This is the second card we made, we played about with the Edgeabilities range, plus the beautiful Nested Heart dies also from the Spellbinder range.

Once again I will try to write the instructions for you to download for this card.

After lunch we set about making this card, it had been my intention to use the Spellbinders Splendid
Circles die but I had a few issues with this to make several at one go, so went onto this beautiful frame -
Laticce Motifs and the Patchwork M-bossibilities
folder.  We distressed the texture, the edge of the frame and the Hearts with Distress inks and added a matching ribbon and some flowers.
I finished the card with a stamp when I
got home.

As before I will create a worksheet for
this card.

This was our last card made today, a simple enough card but so effective and can be used for so many different occassions.

A basic square card base with ribbon added across the top and then a second piece looped over the top ribbon to hang down under your Labels tag topper.

The Spellbinder that I have used is Labels 10 and I used the middle 2 sizes.

You create 4 sets of 2 for each roll of paper plus one for the centre, these are stuck down onto the Labels Tag and then a strip band applied with Brads.

I completed my card at home with the name of one of my Grand daughters, a Swimmer stamp and the word Contratulations. 

This card can be used for a Graduation, Christmas themed, Oriental Scrolls - there are many possibilities.

I hope these cards have given you some inspiration to try something new.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Create and Craft Weekend Hayling Island

Wow, I have just got back from a fantastic crafting weekend at Hayling Island near Portsmouth, this was one of the Create and Craft crafting weekends planned for 2012, the other being a cruise in May.

I was one of the Workshop presenters representing Card Creations Plus, 8 out of the 10 presenters held 6 workshops for 30 crafters which lasted 1 and a half hours each two further presenters had workshops for 60.

As we have 2 stunning current CDs it was decided that the cards to be made would be from one or other of these CDs.  I chose a Cameo style Easel card that could be done either straight or twisted, and the design we used was from the Dennis Lewan's Four Seasons CD and was entitled Treasured Times.  The two cards below were made during one of the workshops by two lovely ladies.  I hope they will get in touch with me and let me have their names as I forgot to get them before they left.

The further two are from the Touch of Magic CD by Linda Ravenscroft and were made in the styles of Gatefold Easel Verse topper and Box Gatefold Easel Pyramage.

The designs varied but these two cards show what they would look like when made.

Not only was it a pleasure to meet so many craft members, it was also lovely to see so many gentlemen taking part in the workshops.

Well done to everyone who took part in my workshops you made some fantastic cards.

I hope that everyone who was at Hayling Island enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.