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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Website Shop

Hi Everyone

As from 30 September our usual existing Website will close but as from 1st October we will be launching our new Webshop.This I hope will be bigger and better than before, you will find some really good bargains on it.

But......  Please bear with us as we are still adding new stock so if there is something that you are looking for but cannot see please email me on as it maybe that it has just not been loaded yet.

The web address for the Webshop will be the same as before - but you will be able to access it from any of these web addresses:

All will be directed to the main site.

Please check it out.

Hugs Hazel

Oncology appointment today

Well! it is a while since I last posted any updates on John and Mum in Law.

Firstly, Mum in Law is still in hospital so it is hospital visiting twice a day until at least the weekend, we are hoping that she will be discharged next Monday but this will all depend on the results of the CT scan on Thursday.  They have been giving her Iron tablets and I think this has encouraged her to eat better - we can only hope it lasts.  We will be taking delivery of a Hospital bed for her on Thursday so that should make like a lit easier at home.

Now to John - he is back to see the Oncologist today at 4:30 and I really think we will see some good results.  His eating is back to what it was when he was working full time, which is fantastic, he is sleeping better and has put on weight.  His colour is clearer more pink in his skin tone and less jaundiced looking.  Hopefully this will mean that his Biliruben levels have dropped further.  

We are keeping our fingers crossed that these blood tests show that he is in a position now to have the 3rd Drug added to his regime and that the 3rd cycle will go ahead on Friday as planned.

Friday, 7 September 2012

John's Second Chemo today


John has had his second Chemo today and he appears to be fine.

We got the full results of the recent blood test and we can see an improvement.

His first set on the 17 August were        todays 7 Sept are
                            Hb: -   10.9                         11.7   This is the Anemia indicator and needs to be a bit higher
                            WBC: 19.6                         11.3   Bad blood cells so we need these down more
                            Plts: -  383                           228
                            Neuts: 17.76                        10.10  again these need to come down a bit more
                            Bil:      156                             80  This is the Jaundice indicator and the lower the number the better.

Hopefully if they reduce as much after this Chemo they will be able to start his third drug next time, so we are living in hope.

Mum in Law was having 2 pints of blood today to try to restore what she lost in the fall and they are going to refer her for at least 2 weeks Respite/Rehabilitation to allow us to change her bedroom around and get a hospital bed and sensor mat.  Also to get the carpet cleaned first.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us their good wished.

Hugs Hazel

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Update on John

Hi All

John went for his first full medical after his first Chemo Cycle yesterday and it was good news, his blood results had come down slightly so it proved that the first cycle of Chemo has had an effect.  They have not come down sufficiently to start the third Chemo drug but hopefully after this second cycle on Friday they may be able to start it on the third cycle in 3 weeks time.

Had another major problem yesterday, John's mum who we live with had a bad fall during the night and 'De-gloved' her scalp very badly.  She is in hospital at the moment after having 8 stitches in a 15cm wound.  She doesn't know how she did it or at what time, I found her at 7:30am laid in a pool of blood, so spent all morning with her at Scarborough Hospital then a dash of almost 40 miles to Castle Hill for John's medical.

Will keep you all up to date.

Hugs Hazel