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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pre Christmas Sale

Starting Monday afternoon of 26 November 2012 our Pre-Christmas Sale at the Cranswick Garden Centre

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Our Fantastic News


Wow!!! we have had some of the most fantastic news today - John went for his Oncology appointment with his Consultant Dr Roy.

Dr Roy's first words were - I understand that you have been our guest at our establishment over the weekend - then went on and asked John how he was feeling, if he had experienced any really bad problems - John said in comparison to what he was like 14 weeks ago he had no complaints only praise.  He said he experienced the tingling and pins and needles in his hands, feet and mouth but as he always kept forgetting to wear gloves or a scarf - it was more self inflicted.  Dr Roy said now that's a typical Yorkshire man's response and laughed.

He also said to us that John had had a CT scan recently and John said Yes a week ago - Well he said - I have some excellent news for you.

The Tumours have shrunk by over 50%, the lymph nodes by more and the Liver by more than 50% and is functioning again.  We could not believe what he was saying as it almost seemed impossible after how bad John was in the beginning.

Dr Roy said that he was so pleased with John's progress that he was cutting his Chemo down by 2 cycles to 6 instead of 8 - this would also save him being affected by the really cold weather, but he will be monitored carefully.

John asked about his Chemo scheduled for Friday and Dr Roy said that as the Chest infection had not upset his Blood results he could still go on Friday for it as planned.

We are back to see the Consultant in 3 weeks time so hopefully there will not have been any adverse reaction after all the antibiotics.

Hugs Hazel

Monday, 5 November 2012

John's Set back

Hi All

Well what a weekend, I was away on Friday night Baby sitting Laura our little grand daughter and stayed overnight and then went straight to craft group on Saturday morning.

John was fine when I left on Friday teatime (he had had sniffles and a bit of a cough for a couple of days but nothing to speak of).  I phoned him at 9am on Saturday morning to find out that he had been up most of the night (since 2am) with bad stomach pains (he thought it was maybe the fish and chips we had had for lunch that had upset him) but was having his breakfast - he said he was Ok and I was still to go to craft group.  I said I would phone again at lunchtime.

When I did he told me he had been sick twice and still had the pain in his stomach.  I told him to take 2 of his sickness pills that the hospital had given him.

When I got back at around 4pm he said he still felt sick and still had the pain, he looked flushed although he said he didn't feel as if he had a temperature.  But I took his temp. just in case and it was 37.1 not high but his normal temp is 36.8. He said he felt as if he was going down with the flu and as he had had his flu vacine 2 weeks before thought he may have been having a slight reaction to it. So monitored it again at 6pm and it was 37.2 so phone the out of hours service at Castle Hill for advice, they said keep on with the sickness pills and to give him paracetamol and to check his temp again at bedtime, if it was 37.5 or above I had to ring them straight away.  I checked it at 10pm and it was 37.4 so we decided to wait until morning and check it again.  He had 2 more sickness pills and 2 more paracetamol.  He slept right through the night and at 7.15am he said he felt fine, the sickness had gone as had the pain and his temp was down to 37.

I decided to keep checking it  every 4 hours to be on the safe side, at 11.30am it was back down to his normal 36.8 but by 3pm it was 38.1, waited half an hour and checked it again and it had risen to 38.4 so phoned the out of hours service again and they said check it again whilst we are on the phone, this time it was 38.7 so they said bring straight into Castle Hill ward 31.

They took numerous blood tests, xray the lot and gave him a huge syringe of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Got him home again this teatime (Monday) after being told that we caught him just in time starting with a chest infection so he is on 2 strong antibiotics plus his chemo drugs and we have to go back tomorrow to see the consultant Oncologist, they have said they may put this weeks chemo back a week to allow him to recover from this. 

Even though he has this infection he says he does  not feel ill not like he did when we had to rush him to Hull Royal 3 months ago.

Well we only hope the pills work quickly and it doesn't hold up the Chemo for too long.  He should get the results of the CT scan tomorrow and so we should get to know how much good these 4 cycles have done so far.

Cheers for now  Hazel