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Friday, 16 August 2013

Sad News of John my Hubby

It is with great sadness the I have to tell you all that my hubby John passed away at 10am Thursday 15 August 2013.

He was very much loved by myself and all his family and will be greatly missed.

He is now pain free and at peace, I was with him but sadly our two daughters did not arrive in time, he has had a dreadful 2 years with firstly with his heart problems and this past year with his aggressive cancer.

Hugs Hazel

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Further update on John's progress

I brought John home yesterday, the hospital sent him home with inadequate pain relief - only Paracetamol tablets and they were not touching the pain.  He had had a very traumatic day yesterday and was really upset.  They have drained in excess of 15 litres from his stomach so in that respect he is much more comfortable.

He is of course very weak with not eating very much but they have started him on the Hi energy and Hi Calorie Supplement drinks, Vitamin pills etc.

We had to call the Marie Curie nurse last night as he was in so much pain and they put us in touch with the Out of Hours doctor who faxed a prescription for strong pain killers for him to the late night pharmacy in Brid and our daughter picked them up brought them out.  He had a couple at 10.30pm and was able to have a really good nights sleep.  He has had some more this morning and has stayed in bed but I am hoping he will get up for an hour or two this afternoon.

We are just waiting for the District nurse to call to check his drain site and also the Doctor to review his pain relief.

He has an appointment in clinic in two weeks time so they are hoping we have got him build up a bit by then as they will then decide on what is the next course of action regarding treatment they will try.

Thanks for all your support.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

John is really poorly at the moment

Hi Everyone

Today he saw his dedicated Oncologist and he was livid that the scan was not for 6 weeks, he gave him a thorough examination and said he wanted him in hospital, unfortunately there was not a bed today but we hopefully should hear tomorrow that there is one and I will then take him through.

Just got from another trip to the Hospital, John is really poorly. He got his scan date through for 3rd September, which is a long to off yet.

John is not too good at the moment, the heat is also taking its effect on him, we went back to the Oncologist last Tuesday and they think he should have another scan but not for 6 weeks, they say his blood results are OK so what is causing his present problems we are unsure.  He is not eating as well, some day he hardly eats much at all which is a worry as they say he is very constipated and needs to drink more and of course wait to get things moving.  They have given him some new tablets which I think are now starting to work as today he actually felt like going out and doing some work instead of just sitting about.  So hopefully things may be looking up a bit for him.

He has a build up of fluid in the abdominal cavity which is putting his intestines, stomach, lungs etc under a lot of compression.  So much so that he cannot eat and can only drink small sips of water.  They plan to drain this fluid off and do the scan whilst he is in hospital and hopefully start him on some more treatment.

If he deteriorates further during the evening of overnight I have to phone straight away.
He is totally exhausted now so has gone to bed.

I suppose we are just impatient but we wished they could more a bit quicker with things. I know they have a certain procedure to follow but he is in so much discomfort whilst all this is going on.

They have already drained 4.5 litres if fluid from his abdomen and will take another 3 today but this has to be taken off slowly so as not to affect his blood pressure.  He is still not eating properly but it is a case of trying to tempt him with food.

I will keep you posted on his progress which I think is going to be slow.

Hugs Hazel

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Margaret's DL Card Keeper Box

Hi Again

Here is Margaret's DL Card Keeper Box, hasn't she made a super job of it.

Hugs Hazel

Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Box Projects

Hi Everyone

I would like to share the new Box Projects with you, the sheets are available on my website under downloads -

Hope you like them.

Hugs Hazel

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Rita's Creations

Hi again

I have another super creation of the Tissue Box from Rita, it is wonderful.  Thank you Rita.

Margaret's Tissue Box

Hi All

Margaret has sent me a picture of the Tissue Box she has made, isn't it fantastic?

Husg Hazel

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Easy Box Project Box Samples

Hi Everyone

As many of your will know we have just had the most amazing Sell out of out new CD Flowers in Bloom by Jan Harbon.

I had already created 9 Projects that have been put on the CD but since the shows I have created a further 4 for the Boxes that I demoed on the shows.

I would like to share with you some of the beautiful boxes that the ladies have made from these projects, the first one is by Margaret and her first try, I think it is fantastic - Thank You Margaret.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Bringing you up to date on John's progress

Hi Everyone

Sorry not to have posted for such a long time but nothing really to report.  John went for his second scan at the beginning of March and also had his 9th cycle of chemo.

When we went for the results of his Scan he had, had a slight set back, his scan showed that the main Tumours had shrunk really well but there are 2 minute spurs that have developed, one in the lower right lung and one in a Lymph node between his spine and his gullet.  Dr Roy says they are only millimetres in size and he is not too concerned, Although he will be monitoring John now he has finished his chemo and there is a possibility that these spurs may go away on their own. Sometimes the chemo can trigger these and once the chemo stopped they go away.  If they don't and they grow they will zap them with Radiotherapy.

John is not feeling any symptoms from them so we are living in hope.  He is eating really well, active - he is walking for an hour each day in most weathers and is back doing his garden.

Will try to post a bit more frequently in the future.

Hugs Hazel

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Hi Everyone




Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Update on John

Hi All

John has been back to see the Oncologist who has decided to restart his Chemo treatment a week on Friday.  He stopped it immediately before Christmas after 6 cycles, he start he could enjoy his Christmas without taking any pills.

Nothing has changed, he is feeling fine and he has not any further tests, so we are assuming that this is just a natural course of events to complete his 8 cycle treatment.

Hopefully when we go back again in a month we will find out more about why the restart now and not later on.

He has done so well so hopefully this will carry on where it left off before.

Hugs Hazel

2013 Show Calendar Update

Happy New Year to you All

Designs by Tabbykat will not be attending any further Exhibition shows due to my husbands illness.

Sorry to be missing them as I will miss all the lovely crafters who came to see us at them.

Hugs Hazel