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Friday, 29 March 2013

Bringing you up to date on John's progress

Hi Everyone

Sorry not to have posted for such a long time but nothing really to report.  John went for his second scan at the beginning of March and also had his 9th cycle of chemo.

When we went for the results of his Scan he had, had a slight set back, his scan showed that the main Tumours had shrunk really well but there are 2 minute spurs that have developed, one in the lower right lung and one in a Lymph node between his spine and his gullet.  Dr Roy says they are only millimetres in size and he is not too concerned, Although he will be monitoring John now he has finished his chemo and there is a possibility that these spurs may go away on their own. Sometimes the chemo can trigger these and once the chemo stopped they go away.  If they don't and they grow they will zap them with Radiotherapy.

John is not feeling any symptoms from them so we are living in hope.  He is eating really well, active - he is walking for an hour each day in most weathers and is back doing his garden.

Will try to post a bit more frequently in the future.

Hugs Hazel