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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Further update on John's progress

I brought John home yesterday, the hospital sent him home with inadequate pain relief - only Paracetamol tablets and they were not touching the pain.  He had had a very traumatic day yesterday and was really upset.  They have drained in excess of 15 litres from his stomach so in that respect he is much more comfortable.

He is of course very weak with not eating very much but they have started him on the Hi energy and Hi Calorie Supplement drinks, Vitamin pills etc.

We had to call the Marie Curie nurse last night as he was in so much pain and they put us in touch with the Out of Hours doctor who faxed a prescription for strong pain killers for him to the late night pharmacy in Brid and our daughter picked them up brought them out.  He had a couple at 10.30pm and was able to have a really good nights sleep.  He has had some more this morning and has stayed in bed but I am hoping he will get up for an hour or two this afternoon.

We are just waiting for the District nurse to call to check his drain site and also the Doctor to review his pain relief.

He has an appointment in clinic in two weeks time so they are hoping we have got him build up a bit by then as they will then decide on what is the next course of action regarding treatment they will try.

Thanks for all your support.

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  1. Poor John suffering so much pain and of course it must take its toll on you as well Hazel. Try and keep up your own strength too. Sending you both positive vibes. Hugs Rita xxX